A Public Seminar Series on New School Histories



June 28 A Sanctuary from Double Betrayal: What The New School could do for its students from China” by Lei Ping and Mark Larrimore
Feb 12A Relevant Education: The New School in the 1960s” by Howard Kirschenbaum
Feb 08 Reckoning with The New School’s Legacies: A comprehensive view reveals entrenched inequities” by Julia Foulkes



October 22Why The New School will survive: An imprudent venture in historical context” by Judith Friedlander
September 20 

Realizing The New School: A downloadable collection of essays documents lessons from the past as a university looks to its future” by Julia Foulkes and Mark Larrimore

July 16 

Albert Mayer’s Urban Village: Between The New School and India” by Julia Foulkes

June 16 

The New School’s Leading Man: How Alvin Johnson Reimagined Higher Education” by Julia Foulkes and Mark Larrimore

June 15 

The New School in Cyberspace; Teaching online? The New School’s been doing it for thirty-five years” by Tina Yagjian

May 28 

"Hanging in Union Square: H. T. Tsiang and the New School” by Mark Larrimore


Fifty years of Social Research: Arien Mack reflects on her half-century stewardship of The New School’s flagship quarterly journal” by Arien Mack and Jim Miller

Feb 18 

The New School’s Forgotten President: The controversial tenure of John Everett” by Anna Robinson Sweet

January 17 

When Two Become One: How The New School and Parsons Merged” by Molly Rottman

December 20 

The New School’s Secular Faiths: At a progressive institution, religion hid in plain sight” by Mark Larrimore



November 21 

The Ad Paradox: Writing Advertising for a University that doesn’t Believe in it” by Ricky Tucker

November 11 

Sex and The New School: The Case of Henry Cowell” by Julia Foulkes

October 17 

Alvin Johnson on the Importance of Lifelong Teaching and Learning” by Judith Friedlander

September 25 

The Writing on the Wall: Orozco, Benton, Arnautoff” by Jennifer Wilson

September 12 

"The New School’s Long Road to a Four-Year College: 100 year in, The New School’s experimental ethos lives on” by Mark Larrimore

August 22 

True to the Paradox: An Exhibition for the Centennial of a Contradiction” by Macushla Catherine Robinson

August 7 

Sex for Fun: Reflections from Ann Snitow’s Przegorały Classroom” by Agnieszka Kościańska

June 27 

Horace Kallen and the Jewish Roots of the New School” by Matthew Kaufman

June 7 

A Case of Contested Visions: Academic Freedom at The New School” by Wendy Scheir

May 20 

A Secret Invasion: The University in Exile and Conspiracy Theories” by Andrew Woods

May 15 

Dynamic Symmetry: A Mathematical Structure in New School History” by Jennifer Wilson

April 29 

Centering Human Relations in Learning: Human Relations Center at the New School: a place for women to come learn and to socialize” by Julia Foulkes

April 16 

New School Gestalt and its Hidden Sociology: Anatole Broyard at The New School” by Mark Larrimore

March 14  

Nurturing Subversive Seeds: What the New School’s Mobilization Taught Me“ by Judy Pryor-Ramirez

February 21

A Multi-Campus University in Exile: Then and Now” by Judith Friedlander

February 7 

What’s so ‘Jewish’ about The New School? Inventing a parable of pluralism” by Val Vinokur

January 31 

New York is the Place: How the city has defined the school” by Julia Foulkes

January 28

 “How to Mark a Centennial: Telling the Story of the New School at 100”  by Mark Larrimore

January 25 

All of a Sudden: Reflections from the Classroom of Sekou Sundiata” by Brian Lewis

January 4 

What We Know About Parson School of Design’s Namesake: The story behind Frank Alvah Parsons, the man who made art and design accessible to New Yorkers” by Molly Rottman



December 26 

A History of Innovation: The first history of the New School for Social Research recalls its originality” by William Rutkoff

December 14 

Uncovering the Musical Divide: The tale of two cultures at the Mannes School of Music and The New School” by Sally Bick

December 5 

The New school’s Paradoxical Archive: How a school focused on the future has learned to love its past” by Wendy Scheir

November 14Are the Arts a Critical Facet of Social Research? At The New School, artists have shaped the institution’s agenda” by Mark Larrimore
November 6What Does It Mean to Educate Adults? The Case of the New School” by Julia Foulkes
October 11The Majority Finds its School: The Lessons of Gerda Lerner” by Julia Foulkes
October 10Exiled Knowledge Salvaged for World Use: Or the histories hidden in the New School digital archives” by Mark Larrimore
July 9 New School Histories Vertical: Announcing a new vertical for Public Seminar” by Julia Foulkes and Mark Larrimore

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