The Legacy of Max Wertheimer and Gestalt Psychology


In 1946, Solomon Asch wrote that the "thinking of Max Wertheimer has penetrated into nearly every region of psychological inquiry and has left a permanent impress on the minds of psychologists and on their daily work. The consequences have been far-reaching in the work of the last three decades, and are likely to expand in the future" (Asch, 1946, p. 81). Asch's article on "Max Wertheimer's Contributions to Modern Psychology" appeared in Social Research as atribute, and in response to a challenge by the first president of the New School for Social Research, Alvin Johnson, to study "the work of Max Wertheimer and its meaning for social science" (Johnson, 1943, p. 398). Indeed, the legacy of Wertheimer, founder of Gestalt psychology and one of the first members of the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science at the New School, has been substantial.


Social Research, Vol. 61, No. 4, Sixtieth Anniversary 1934-1994: The Legacy of Our Past (WINTER 1994), pp. 907-935